gavinphotography - kent wedding photographer

Give me a camera, a decent lens, good coffee and music: you've got one happy photographer!

  • Flower launch
  • The Bridesmaid with the wind swept hair
  • Darcie
  • The Veil flick
  • Portait silhouette
  • Curlers
  • Smiley guest
  • Confetti ambush
  • Tasty
  • Application
  • Dancing lad
  • Awesome guy
  • First dance entrance
  • Tasha
  • Show time
  • LIPS
  • The mum told me to
  • Big Swig
  • Best dad dancer
  • Hair styling
  • You in there?
  • The fun, the magic
  • That smile
  • Wheelie time
  • Dance legend
  • First dance magico
  • Happy guests
  • Light up
  • Beep
  • Invasion
  • Black n white bouquet
  • Me
  • Laugh like you mean it
  • Boys and the cigars

Kent based wedding photographer.

Happy to travel.

Shoot weddings anywhere in the world given half the chance.

My belief is this: your wedding day is awesome.

But it's not a photo shoot.

You don't need a list.

You just need a photographer with a tonne of passion to turn up and document your day.

Hopefully that's me!

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