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New cameras. I love new cameras.

And the lenses, yep, I love those too. And my latest is rather special: it's the Sony A7. It's full frame, but it's small. Chances are you knew this already, but still, I love pointing that bit out.

 Brand wise, I've kinda jumped all over the place in the last 7 years, going from Pentax to Nikon, to Canon, to Olympus, to Nikon, to Panasonic and on and on. But wedding gear has for the last 4 years been a constant: Canon. But when Sony announced the Sony A7(r) cameras I was very very interested. Then of course came all the usual forum negativity... the autofocus is rubbish, not enough lenses, it's an EVF. Anyway, when I got the chance to try one, I discovered that, as usual, the forum goers were going overboard on the negativity. Because as far as I can tell, the only real downside is the battery life, which is basically shocking! Still, buy lots of batteries, problem solved.So, this weekend, having owned the little fella 1 week exactly, I got the chance to use it at a wedding. I teamed it up with a rented Sony FE55 1.8 and shot with it alongside my Canon 6D + 35mm 1.4 & 85mm 1.8 lenses (primes, the only way to go...)

As you can tell, the combination of camera and lens offer rather nice sharpness. That being said, at £800 for a 55 1.8 lens I guess it's fair to expect something impressive.

Autofocus had no problems for the way I shoot. I never use tracking, so speed has never been a priority of mine when looking at potential cameras

I think this last shot is the one that sticks out for me as showing you how capable this combo is, it's probably my favourite

The best man works the crowd

I really like the grain in this first dance shot

And something classical to finish off with. The window lighting at Stubton Hall was a photographers dream.My overall thoughts after one wedding a so overwhelmingly positive. The battery life is poor, I can't deny that, but if you have enough batteries and keep your eye on it, then it soon becomes something you learn to deal with. And having filmed a few weddings now (with Canon DSLR's), checking battery life is becoming 2nd nature anyway. Oh, and tell me a camera that doesn't have a dark side? Your Canon 5DIII? Pop some L glass on it and the weight becomes as issue (because we never shoot with just one camera all day do we...)Personally, I can't wait to shoot with this camera at my next wedding. I really can't. Because you know what? I never had a moment where I thought the camera was holding me back, and that my friends, is a very very good thing!It's just deciding on which lenses to go with. Weirdly, 50/55mm isn't a focal length I'd choose ordinarily, as I prefer to shoot with 35 and 85mm lenses. BUT, the images don't lie, the A7 and the FE55 are made for each other.That being said, there are some fine looking manual focus Leica and Zeiss lenses out there that are tempting me more each day....



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