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Hannah + Ben - a Winters Barns Wedding

I was tempted to write some terribly cheesy thing about Winters Barns being the final frontier. But I won't.... that being said, I've never had a backdrop so incredible for a wedding!

PS, Hannah is a bit of a space enthusiast to say the least... 

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Claire + Dan - an Old Kent Barn Wedding

Days like these are a thing of beauty, not just for the venue, but for the people, Claire and Dan, the guests, everyone. Just such a pleasure

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Lou + Rich - a Winters Barns Wedding

Did I mention that i was enjoying my year? I think I did. Because of days like these. Makes me a very happy photographer!

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August 1st.... "This is now my 10th year since I shot my first wedding, and honestly, it still amazes me how you go from starting the year looking forward to all the cool weddings ahead of you to OMG it's August! So far it's been an amazing year, I'm having more fun than ever doing what I do. Here's one from Saturday that I am incredibly proud of. The brides father. Many more images to follow, cheers!"


Celia + Andrew - Buxted Park Hotel

Love this venue in East Sussex, helped of course by the rather lush Celia and Andrew. And some very cool guests!

Hannah + Ben First Look!

2016 is well under way for me and this one was a beaut! Married at the always awesome Winters Barns in Canterbury, here's a few, the rest to follow!

Jess + Steve - a Winters Barns Wedding

An amazing way to sign off 2015. Such a pleasure to be part of Jess and Steves day!

Jess + Steve >>>

Adam + Ruth - a London wedding

Such a very very cool and unique day, a pleasure to shoot!

Adam + Ruth >>>

Sarah + Andy - an Old Kent Barn Wedding

Sarah and Andy got married, at a beautiful venue, on a beautiful day. All a bit beautiful. Even I was there, looking beautiful (just go with it...)

Sarah + Andy >>>

Millie + Matt - a Gallivant wedding

Two very cool people. One attempting to be cool photographer.

Millie + Matt >>>

Josie + Matt - a Winters Barns Wedding

They got married, and I was there to shoot it. Cool eh!

Josie + Matt >>>

Where did the summer go?????? I think it's been too long, you need to see some photos!

Kirsty + Tom

Weddings don't get much prettier. Marleybrook House - a new venue that will soon be very popular. Almost as popular as Kirsty and Tom! (See what I did there... :0)

Kirsty + Tom >>>

Charlotte + Craig

A wedding reception in your parents massive garden, with soon many cool friends and family: Pretty damn awesome!

This is a first look, the big blog will follow! 

Charlotte + Craig >>>

Kelly + Stuart Old Kent Barn Wedding First Look

These guys/this wedding. All so good!

Kelly + Stuart >>>

Mike + Nik, pre wedding Whitstable FTW!

What a gorgeous location for a pre wedding shoot. Go take a look!

Mike + Nik >>>

Jess + Craig - a Cooling Castle Wedding

A few weeks ago I posted the first look of this fantastic wedding. Today the full blog goes live! Go take a look, it was rather beautiful...

Jess + Craig >>>

Toni + Jacqui Brick Lane pre-wedding awesomeness!

Such a cool shoot, we had such a good time getting these images!

Toni + Jacqui >>>

Heather + Chris, The Old Brewery, Shepherd Neame, Faversham

How about a first look at the wedding of Heather and Chris? Aka, The Hackers!

Meet the Hackers >>

Hey hey, so I thought about writing a summary of my photographic 2015, but to be honest that would take a lonnnnng time! So, rather than that, I thought I'd do it in list fashion. So, in one big paragraph of words, I give you 2015 thus far..

Roulette, an Aston Martin DB5, smoke grenades, dancing, laughing, a tractor ride, a dance floor pyramid, dance offs (many, many dance offs), cake, cheese, cheese cakes, beautiful brides and stylish grooms, happy kids, grumpy kids, crazy kids, shy kids, rally driving (getting from a to c via b in 5 minutes around country lanes!), the M20, the M2, late nights, early mornings, coffee, coffee and more coffee, a vineyard, churches, barns, a Nepalese wedding, colour, beard stroking, selfies, selfies with cars, selfies with drunk people, confetti, a new suit, delays (Jess, lol), salmon & cream cheese bagels, editing, sharing, Instagramming.... and lots more coffee!

It's been soooo amazing, and it's only just begun. As a photographer you're at the mercy of what happens on the day, so thank you to everyone, especially the guests and of course, the couples who have booked me!

Rachel + Dean Solton Manor Wedding

Just a few from this utterly beautiful and incredibly cool wedding: black tie and a DB5, oh yes!

Rachel + Dean >>

Jess + Craig Cooling Castle Barn Wedding, first look...

The wedding was Friday, so how about a few to look at until I do the big blog!

Jess + Craig >>

Beccy + Tom The Ferry House Inn Wedding  first look...

Just a few from their most superb day. A day of inane laughter and music to beat all music!

Beccy + Tom >>

Heather + Chris, a pre-wedding in Broadstairs, Kent

What's not to love about a pre-wedding shoot in Broadstairs with a blue sky and 2 people that are funny and a joy to be around!?!

Heather + Chris >>

Sarah + Alan - a Surrey Wedding

Aaaah I just love what I do. Love love love it. Read the blog, I hope the images tell the story of Sarah and Alans superb day

Sarah + Alan >>

Brick Lane Styled Shoot - 8th March 2015

Showcasing some superb suppliers and taking place in one of Londons most exciting areas. Sally and Reese are a genuine couple, and awesome to boot.

Go take a look, click the link...

Brick Lane Styled Shoot >>

Choosing a favourite is impossible...

Like the title says, it's impossible. I have many favourites for all manor of different reasons. But, for pure self indulgence I'm going to choose  a photo that stands out for me, for the simple reason that I love what's going on in it! The kids, they just don't care! :D

Taken from Katie & Marks wedding, 4th August, 2014

Oh look, it's me...

It was recently made aware to me that my website lacked something that allowed you to really get to know me (well, as much about me as you can get from a website!). After all, how can you really even start to know me if you can't see me? (Not that we should ever judge books by their covers of course!) Still, it was a valid point. So here I am!

Rock my Wedding feature! Rebecca + Will

Sunday 16th March 2014

Great to see a wedding I shot last summer be featured on Love My Dress recently. Go take a look!

2013 was a huge year for me. In my 7th year as a photographer, I had the opportunity to open my studio and fulfil the "full time" photography dream.

I shot 30+ weddings, had so much fun, met so many nice people and have so many special memories. The life of a wedding photographer is pretty cool to be honest!

So, I decided to celebrate the year with a slideshow. Turn the sound up, because it's all about the beat,



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