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hayley + matt - a Reach Court Farm wedding

I really like Reach Court Farm, it's a venue that naturally induces a relaxed "vibe", and I really like Hayley and Matt (so much so that I hope to do some photos at Matt's allotment - does that sound weird?). Every time I met them I was made to feel very welcome: tbh it's as if I've known Matt for years (ok, so I kinda have :D )

They had a lush day, great weather: a joy to be part of! And they just let me get on doing what I do, just perfect...


This would have to be my favourite image of the day. I don't really need to say much, I think it speaks for itself. She watched like this practically all the way through the ceremony, it was lovely to see

Every time someone shares my blog a puppy yawns, which is really cute!

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