#LNDWLK - gavinphotography


I admit to most people I meet that I didn't "get" twitter at first. I signed up to it purely because an article on e-Marketing told me I should....Fast forward 2 years, and I'm so grateful I stuck with it, because if it wasn't for Twitter, I doubt I'd have discovered @mirrorlessons. Heather and Mathieu, the creators and authors of the blog, which focusses on the merits of mirrorless cameras, are lovely people who put together a photo walk through London, and I was happy to have been invited, because I got to spend the afternoon with a really cool group of fellow photographers.Now, I did intend on taking a few photos along the way, but as it happened many of us were so happy just chatting that we didn't really bother with the photography! As it is the net result is that I think I only came away with one shot I was reasonably proud of, and the camera it was shot with? The iPhone 5...


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