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*** First dates: Sunday August 16th, Sunday September 13th - email me for prices and to register your interest ***

Fancy learning a bit more about photography but don't really want to go the scientific open university or online tuition route? Then how about learning from someone like me!  I'm putting together group lessons of up to 6 people for 3 hours a session. In that time I will endeavour to help you "get" what makes an image tick.

For those with cameras that can be set to manual, I will teach you how to get the exposure right without relying on auto mode. For those with just a mobile, we can focus more on composition, or getting the best apps for your phone that will allow you to be more creative.

The end game? I want you to be able to see what makes a good photo.

I'll also be happy to talk about gear, what lenses/cameras to buy (unbiased, I'm not a brand fan!), what filters can do for you etc...

Where will we do this? Out and about. This won't be studio based. I plan on lessons in both Deal and London.

To express your interest please email gavinahardy77@gmail.com



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