My Philosophy

"I recently found myself in conversation with a friend where I compared photography to music. It was the first time I'd done this, and I suddenly realised how much alike they are. For example, I like music with guitars and drums, I like a stirring chorus. I like REM. I like Nirvana, I like Crowded House, I like the Manic Street Preachers. I quite like a bit of classical every now and then. Now here's the thing: all of those bands and genres of music do what they do in a different way, but they are all as talented as the next."

"And I guess that's where the similarity with photography, and wedding photography comes into play. Because there are a lot of wedding photographers out there, of that I'm sure you're aware. But almost all of us have our own defined style. A style that has been honed over the years."

"And I believe the best photographers have developed a style that suits the personality of the photographer. Which is were I can start to talk about how I shoot a wedding. I am a documentary wedding photographer. This isn't something I set out to become. It isn't a grand plan. It's just the direction I found myself comfortable going in. You see, people are fascinating...

We're all so different (for good and bad reasons!) and that's what I love about being a wedding photographer. I love seeing the interactions between friends and family, people that have a connection, people that maybe haven't seen each other for years. It's a beautiful thing. And it's what I love doing. I like chatting. Finding out about people. Hearing life stories. And the more you interact, the easier it is to capture those moments that you would otherwise have missed. That's what I do. And I love it.

So, how do I shoot a wedding? I always jokingly say this - I only need to know 2 things: Where do I start and what time? Because honestly, that's basically what I need to know. The rest is about documenting the day as it happens. I only shoot all day. I'll be there from the pre-wedding chaos to the 1st dance (and some of the dad-dancing just after). And I'll do it with a smile on my face. I'll chat to your guests, I'll be part of your day"         


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