4 mates go to the NFL at Wembley - gavinphotography

I doubt I'll ever remember when I got into American Football. I know it was through a friend.

I doubt I'll ever know why I started supporting the Dallas Cowboys, I know it was before the 2 times winning Jimmy Johnson era.  

What I do know is that finally getting the chance to watch some real NFL action LIVE in the UK was kind of a dream come true! 

Every year me and 3 mates get together to watch a few games, so imagine our joy when the Wembley games were announced and the first games was the Dolphins (Ben) v Raiders (Dave)! And then the icing on the cake for me, the Cowboys will play the Jaguars. 

The tickets were booked on the day of release, I can't remember being as excited about something in a while!

So, armed with my Sony A7 + FE35 (hey, I'm a photographer, I had to take something beyond my iPhone!) we headed to Wembley. I wasn't on "photo a minute code red full alert" but I knew I'd just want to get some of the atmosphere! 

And we weren't let down, it was such a great experience! We got there early and just enjoyed being outside the ground, the sun, drinking a beer, eating a hotdog, seeing all the different shirts, watching a few footballs get thrown about (and wipe out a few unsuspecting bystanders, ouch!). It was honestly a great day and I can't recommend it highly enough to anyone interested in the NFL.

And, having seen it the first time, I think it's safe to say I'll be taking many more photos  when the Cowboys come to town. Watch this space!



Needless to say, Ben (the Dolphins fan) left the happier man after their 38-14 win!

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