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Rachel + Luke - a wedding in the Cotswolds

I remember when I first started doing this "job" (seems weird to describe it as a job to be honest, but maybe more on that later in my personal blog, where was I...), my first years were spent never shooting further than a 30 minute drive from my home town of Deal. Fast forward several years and I get to shoot weddings in places such as the oh so lovely Cotswolds. Rachel + LukeSeriously, if you haven't been there and have an interest in seeing the more beautiful parts of Britain, go there! You know what, I'll even provide a link to the gorgeous little town of Tetbury! http://www.visittetbury.co.uk/Anyway, I'm digressing, I'm here to talk about Rachel and Lukes wedding.

The lovely thing about this  wedding is that last year I shot the wedding of Faye and Steve (Steve being Rachels brother) and the family are so unbelievably welcoming, having the opportunity to meet them all again was such a pleasure! And the day was just perfect, a beautiful venue and lovely people. As a wedding photographer, you can't ask for more than that.


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