The Circus and the Sony A7 - gavinphotography

So with a wedding on the Sunday, I decided to hire the Zeiss twins (as I've labelled them) for the weekend. And lucky for me (and Ella!) the circus was in town. Which actually, in a nutshell, shows what a versatile little camera the full frame Sony A7 is. I can happily confirm that here we have a camera that can, on any given day be either a pro tool or a fun family camera. And yes, I know I could do this with my 6D, but I never wanted to. That was the problem: for weddings I was fine with getting the big DSLR + hefty L glass out, but for hobby time, I simply wasn't enjoying it.

So, armed with the Zeiss FE35 and FE55 lenses, we went to see what the sword balancing, knife throwing circus folk were up to...


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