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A Short Piece on Why

So it's a random Thursday morning, 2 days after a family trip to London, 1 day after a family walk in the woods. Naturally I took my camera, the Sony A7 (chosen because it's small enough not to be a pain to carry yet brilliant enough to get good photos), and while looking at the few photos I took I suddenly feel inspired to write a short piece on my love of photography.

Which actually is kinda simple and equally impossible at the same time. Since photography, such as art, and music, and food, are so much dependant on individual tastes. 

Leaving Covent Garden, I always love the sunsets. Shot on the Sony A7 and edited on the iPhone with Mextures

So why do I love photography?

To start with it's the excitement of getting an image you love. Fairly simple.

Then it's getting an image that other people love. Because yes, I (and I guess many other photographers) love a bit of praise!


And I think finally (off the top of my head, I'll probably think of another later) it's the never ending challenge. Because photos will always be waiting to be taken. And fashions will change. New techniques will emerge. New scenes will appear. New places will be visited.

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