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Hello, I'm Gav. Gavlar thanks to Gavin and Stacey (I will traditionally be called this at weddings more than once by the end of the day, and that's quite alright!)

So, born in 1977, (same year as Elvis died apparently), I grew up listening to my dads music, Stevie Winwood, Bruce Hornsby etc... and was a typical football-loving boy. 

Fast track to 2004. With my wedding and subsequent honeymoon to the Maldives just months away, I decided I best buy a digital camera. It was the 3mp Canon A75. I put a 64MB card in it and suddenly my eyes were open to the wonderful world of photography.

It seems crazy now to think that I haven't always been obsessed with photography, cameras and whether the light outside is good enough to pop out for an hour. But that's how it is. I love it. Especially weddings. Maybe that seems like an obvious thing to say to you, but honestly, the buzz of getting THE shot at a wedding that you know will be loved, is something else. It's akin to a band playing a great gig I guess. When you get home, upload the photos and convert that shot you took into black and white knowing at the time it would look amazing, it's such a great feeling.

And I guess that sums up me and wedding photography: if it wasn't for that feeling, that immense satisfaction I get, I wouldn't be doing it 8 years after my first.

I also have a blog dedicated to my non-wedding photography work. I'd love it if you had a look there.

*** If you would like to learn about photography, you can now read about the group lessons I am starting this year.

Just click this link >>> LESSONS <<<



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