Wedding with a Sony A7 - gavinphotography

Sony A7 for Weddings

Having owned a Sony A7 since March 2014, some 6 months, and only ever used it sparingly alongside my Canon gear at weddings,  I decided that I would be able to shoot fast enough (change settings etc) to use it predominantly at a wedding as my "35mm camera" - a big decision really as at weddings I basically shoot about 70% of my photography at that focal length, the rest being at 85mm & some 50mm.

I used the Zeiss FE35 2.8 ( yes I'd prefer a wider aperture, I can't wait for the 1.4) and it combined with the Sony A7 performed brilliantly. The light was admittedly perfect, sunny with nice cloud cover, but still it did everything I asked of it at a decent pace.

Below is a selection of images from the day.


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